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Commons Engine | What if the Credit Commons were built on Holochain?
Commons Engine solves real-world problems through helping to generate commons-resource sharing organizations
Sharing Economy, P2P, The Commons, Mutual Credit, Asset-Backed Currency, Microtransactions, Holochain, CryptoCurrency
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What if the Credit Commons were built on Holochain?

Originally an idea of Thomas Greco’s in the context of business barter, a Credit Commons was revisited by Matthew Slater, Tim Jenkin, and a team of peer-reviewers in an exploratory 2016 white paper. A Credit Commons is a solution, not only for inefficiencies in business barter, but also for the entire complementary and alternative currencies movements. For small and short term loans, complementary currencies can work around deflationary shortages of legal tender, assessments of enterprises by banks as too risky to back, and the need to pay interest.

What if a fractally-scalable Credit Commons were built on Holochain?

Full post forthcoming!

  • I like where you’re going with this – Stephen DeMeulenaere

    March 1, 2019 Reply
  • Currently banks believe their fiat belongs to them. This would be an exciting idea to flesh out, I like the idea of referring to money/trading tools as a commons.

    March 30, 2019 Reply

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