Unleashing Value in the Commons Economy


This webinar introduces Currency Design from the Commons Engine in collaboration with Metacurrency. In it we will answer and explore:


What can currency innovation bring to the future of your business and to your fundraising strategy?

How can currency design, beyond just creating money, inform the way you use data and analyze metrics?

What are some of the ways currencies can be risky and what can you do about it?


Get a taste of what you can learn in our 10-week course exploring the compelling and transformative practice of currency design in this free webinar.


Before the explosion of blockchain ledgers in 2008, currency design was a little-known field where community-focused economies grew as pragmatic responses to blockers to effective sharing and exchange of resources. This course approaches token engineering, cryptoeconomics, and cryptoaccounting from the perspective of this long-cultivated wisdom on designing economies of deep wealth (before and beyond money!).

Our Upcoming Workshop


The workshop opens the first of two courses. The series is designed to take you from casual interest in economic systems and currency design all the way to implementation of your own ideas! The first workshop provides a conceptual foundation, where the second is geared toward practice and collaborative engineering.


Here you’ll learn the philosophy and mechanics of sub- and extra- monetary value. Recognizing non-monetary value, made visible in flows of different currencies or (current-sees) suits the dire social and ecological need to transition to an equitable and regenerative mode of production. Transition is hard; those equipped to initiate commons-infrastructure and social impact projects must learn to build bridges from the world where financial capital rules and responsibility falls solely on those who have it.


Upon completion of this first workshop, you will:


–> understand crucial problems in current systems of measurement and financial infrastructure

–> be versed in best practices for aligning values and incentives from research in collective intelligence

–> understand currency design from a “living systems” perspective

–> be able to use Metacurrency’s levels of wealth model as a tool for testing designs and assessing new economic trends

–> understand the role of the “currency life cycle” in the responsible governance of your platform

–> distinguish targeted currencies that have been used to create “triple bottom line” impact

–> be able to recognize the patterns of great currencies, so you can begin creating your own!


The first course is partially comprised of case study sessions by currency design practitioners that have implemented successful currencies to solve all kinds of wicked problems!

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Who Should Attend?


This workshop is designed for strategic planners, technologists, venture experts, social changemakers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, systems thinkers, and policy makers interested in creative ways to recognize and distribute resources – in any system – for the benefit of all involved.


Webinar Details


A free opportunity to find out whether or not our workshop is right for you

45 minute video call on August 15th

18:00 GMT

Coming Soon


As we register intent to participate we will determine timing, pricing, and additional opportunities related to the workshop for those interested! Register to receive more information about the workshop, including a full list of presenters, case studies, our innovative learning software, and a detailed syllabus.


Curated by Metacurrency and the Commons Engine – the folks behind Holo (HOT):


Bringing 30+ years of collective experience in currency design, plus access to a global network of practitioners.



Arthur Brock

Currency Designer and Holo Co-Founder

Designed and implemented currencies for the last two decades brings visionary strategies for decentralized social and technological systems. Currently leads the Holo development team


Jean Russell

Flow Hacker

Project lead for the Holo ICO, which raised 30,000 ETH (valued at $22M at the time). Unpacking and patterning currency design since 2005. Published Cultivating Flows: How Ideas Become Thriving Organizations, exploring flows and patterns for healthy emergence gathered from leading-edge practitioners.


Ferananda Ibarra

Social Architect

Over fifteen years of experience with community building and currency design. Background in collective intelligence, integral theories, and deep wealth design listed as one of 100 women globally co-creating a P2P Society.


Noah Thorpe

Founder of CoMakery

Worked on security token primary issuance, secondary exchange trading and custody projects with SharesPost, Republic.co, Swarm.fund, PROPs and many others. In 2013 he was VP of Engineering at Nasdaq Private Market where he helped build pre-ipo stock trading systems. After Nasdaq, he co-founded a holacratically organized venture studio in 2014 where he lead DAO, decentralized reputation and security token projects for both fortune 100 companies and blockchain startups. Currently, he is founder of CoMakery, a platform to help gather your tribe and achieve big missions.



Founder Sacred Capital

Once the head of South Asia's largest trading desk, Siddharth moved to a community founded by Gandhi in 2011 for four years. His explorations with radically different economic paradigms showed him the true potential of reputation in distributed networks. He is currently based out of Singapore where he has founded Sacred Capital.


Mamading Ceesay

Co-Founder of the Brixton Pound

Worked on currency software and analysed outcomes of UK Timebanks and LETS. Mamading has chaired community currency panels and has delivered courses on community currencies.


Emaline Freidman

PhD in Psychology, Consciousness, and Society

Writes and speaks on the dynamics of distributed organizations, emerging forms of cryptocurrency, and the realities of digital labor. Her forthcoming book (mid-2020) uses continental philosophy to develop an emancipatory critical psychology of the ``user`` in the era of ubiquitous digital technology.