Commons Engine
Commons Engine | Designing Commons-Oriented Economies
Commons Engine solves real-world problems through helping to generate commons-resource sharing organizations
Sharing Economy, P2P, The Commons, Mutual Credit, Asset-Backed Currency, Microtransactions, Holochain, CryptoCurrency
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Our cultural artistry connects social infrastructure and embodied well-being.

Actual Peer to Peer
  • What if the sharing economy didn’t have companies in the middle and instead were really peer to peer?
  • What if we can all, together, be the “bank” that solves cash flow gaps in food production?
Playful Impact
  • What if simulation games like farmville actually helped farmers?
  • What if we gamed the environment, using a currency backed by tree growth or water purity so individual wins are tied to health of the natural environment?
Fair Share
  • What if journalists could aggregate micropayments for their research and articles?
  • What if coders, artists, and tinkerers contributing to profitable projects were compensated?
Thriving Economy
  • What if your idea could scale into a sustainable and thriving economy unto itself?
Here at Commons Engine, we want to create markets where we can ‘get mine and grow ours’.


The health of collectives, large and small, depends on peers sharing with peers for mutual benefit. With state of the art digital ledger technology from Holochain, we wager that solving real-world problems begins with acknowledging the invisible actions of the many.
Distributed Participation

Commons Engine builds pathways for scaling and distributing participation for shared aims. Many hands, wallets, minds make for light play, putting the power of social connections to work.

Distributed Risk

We are the resilience we have been looking for. When we share the load of the work, we share the risk too. We win or lose together. This isn’t zero-sum anymore.

Shared Benefits

Share the work; share the benefits. Large or small scale, accounting technology now helps us track more than money, we can also share and be rewarded for time, knowledge, craft, and resources at any scale.

Mutual Reciprocity

Humans are deeply wired for reciprocity. We want to contribute to each other. And, we feel guilty if we take too much and want to punish others for taking too much. At the root, we want to offer solutions that solve for mutual reciprocity. We will all feel better about that.

We wager that solving real-world problems begins with acknowledging the invisible actions of the many.
Let’s design for fair share and true care. Reciprocity for the win!    
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